Historical South Park

Historical South Park


South Park Fitness is a gym unlike any other. It resides in “Fire Station No.9″, the oldest surviving fire station in San Diego. This 100 year old building has been completely renovated and is now one of the most unique gyms you’ll ever find.  It has giant wooden double-doors where the fire engines used to enter. It has high vaulted ceilings with much of the original wood restored.  The walls are covered in rock star paintings from a local artist giving the space incredible energy. The gym has top of the line equipment, a semi-private indoor studio for core and flexibility training, a heavy bag, and a big backyard for outdoor workouts.

Our mission at South Park Fitness is to improve your life with health and fitness. Life just gets better with exercise and sound nutrition. You will increase your strength, endurance, and energy. Your flexibility, posture, and balance will improve. Your body composition will change and you will feel better, sleep better, and have more confidence.  Our award winning personal training, recently voted as one of the best in San Diego, will help you to reach your goals quickly and safely.

Need That Summertime Bod NOW? Here’s a Guide to Quick Summer Results

Need That Summertime Bod NOW? Here’s a Guide to Quick Summer Results

Rob Pouliot Gives Us the Inside Scoop to Shedding Calories Fast with Cardio Circuits

Written By: Molly Brooks Summertime Bod
Photographed By: Nick Isabella

When it’s beach season year-round in San Diego, it’s no wonder the city has so many different options to help you get fit. Rob Pouliot of South Park Fitness are all about tailoring a program to fit your personal needs. It’s important to surround yourself with like-minded individuals, who are all striving towards healthier and happier lives. Luckily, in such a tight-knit neighborhood, that isn’t hard to find.


The Expert: Rob Pouliot
Credentials: Owner of South Park Fitness

Q: What are your favorite summer workouts?

Rob Pouliot: I like to run circuit workouts, which are designed to get the blood pumping. First we work upper body and get all the blood rushing there. Then, for the very next exercise, we go to your lower body and the blood rushes down there. If you keep switching, your blood will keep moving and eventually get your heart rate up. I’ll throw in some cardio exercises between as well. This type of exercise will help people lean out and build some muscle at the same time. It’s quick paced too, which a lot of people like.

Q: What is your favorite summertime snack?

RP: My biggest suggestion, rather than snacking, is to drink plenty of water. Drinking a lot of water helps with your muscle recovery and makes your skin beautiful. Most people are very dehydrated, especially in the summer. When it’s time to eat, though, always go for nutrient dense foods and stay away from the processed stuff. Whole grains, fruits, vegetables and high quality proteins are all you need.

Hit the Circuit: For fast summer results, Rob likes cardio circuits. These workouts are designed to keep your heart rate elevated while working all your major muscle groups. You’ll burn calories and body fat, and build lean muscle.


Start with 2 minutes of cardio of your choice

20 reps each:

  • Assisted chin ups
  • Free squats
  • Dumbbell rows
  • Kettlebell squats
  • Pulldowns
  • Cable squat/row

Repeat Cardio

20 reps each:

  • Push ups
  • Walking lunges with biceps curls
  • Dumbbell chest press on a stability ball
  • Step ups with lateral raise
  • Dumbbell squats into a shoulder press

Repeat Cardio

20 reps each:

  • Triceps pushdowns with a rope
  • Straight bar biceps curls
  • Dumbbell triceps extensions
  • Dumbbell incline biceps curl
  • Bench dips to failure

Repeat Cardio

20 reps each:

  • Stability ball trunk rotations
  • Woodchops
  • Hanging ab crunches
  • Reverse crunches into forward crunches
  • Plank on stability ball for 1 minute

Cardio cool down for 2 minutes


Q: What drew you to becoming a fitness professional?

RP: I was in pre-med for two or three years in college. I was working with a really unhealthy population, which made me realize that wasn’t who I wanted to work with. So, I got involved in working with high risk adults that gradually took me into working with healthy adults just looking to become more fit. I started training in San Diego about 26 years ago at La Costa Hotel and Spa and from there I went out on my own.

Q: What is the philosophy of your gym?

RP: I want people to enjoy the experience, or lack of a better phrase: Enjoy the ride of getting back into shape. I preach, more than anything, to just get into the gym. I have a sign above the door that says, “80 percent of success is just showing up.” I believe that if the only thing you do when you walk in is 10 minutes of sit-ups, you are still setting yourself up for success. It’s because you’re creating a habit and a routine. Bottom line, if you’re consistent with your workouts, you’re going to get results.

Q: What is the importance of personal training?

RP: Education and motivation. Most people will come to the gym with good intentions, but they get stuck doing cardio and are intimidated by anything else. We have a jumpstart program that gives a client three personal training sessions designed specifically with their goals in mind. It teaches them what kind of workout would be best and how to perform proper techniques. After the three sessions, I give clients a written workout that they can do on their own. They only have to check back in when they want to.


South Park Fitness
2211 30th St
San Diego, CA 92104