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Try Us On For A Day with a Day Pass.

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  • Great for out of town guests

  • Are you renting an AirbnB in SouthPark?

  • Invite a friend.

We welcome visitors who are here in San Diego and in our lovely neighborhood of South Park for business or pleasure.  We offer a daily pass to enjoy our facilities. This is a great way to try us on for size.

At South Park Fitness we have many choices in cardio workouts.  We maintain all of our equipment to be clean and accessible. We are a small gym and you rarely have to wait in line to use equipment.

Strength. Balance. Longevity.

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Monday-Thursday: 6am – 8pm

Friday: 6am- 6pm

Saturday: 7am- 5pm

Sunday: 8am – 3pm

2211 30th Street, SD CA 92104




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